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  • Where is your pricing?
    Thank you for your interest in our services! To view our detailed pricing, please click on the 'Book Now' tab on our website. There, you'll find a clear breakdown of the prices based on each property. We've designed our pricing structure to be transparent and straightforward, ensuring you can easily find the information you need for your specific requirements. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help make your experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible!
  • What services do you offer?
    Lekker Photography offers Photography, Videography, Aerial Video/Photos, Matterport, Floorplan, Headshots, and Virtual Staging.
  • What locations do you serve?
    We serve the Greater New York City Area but focus mainly on Northern New Jersey. If you have a project outside of this area that you need assistance with, please let us know and we can sort something out.
  • How far in advanced do I need to book an appointment?
    We recommend booking your appointment as soon as possible. This allows ample time for either you or your seller to clean and prep the house before a photoshoot. However, if needed, we can book appointments as soon as the same day. All appointments are subject to our availability.
  • Do you have a photo/video shoot prep list?
    Yes we certainly do. We would be happy to send it to you. Please contact us with your email and phone number. This checklist helps ensure that your home/listing is in the best shape possible and is showtime ready for our arrival.
  • Can you shoot a home without anyone else present on location?
    We are flexible! Yes we can, in some circumstances it may be difficult to arrange a time for all parties to be present. If instructed to do so, we can enter a property via lockbox or hidden key. However, we will not travel to an offsite location to pick up a key for entry.
  • How do you accept payment?
    We accept multiple forms of payment. You may pay with cash or check at the time of the shoot. Otherwise you may make payment with most major credit cards online via our invoicing system. Your media will not be available for download until payment is processed.
  • Who owns the rights to the photos?
    We retain the copyright to the images unless special arraignments are made and additional licensing fees are paid. Our package prices do NOT include anything more than MLS usage licensing, and related social media. The Agent/Client will have the rights to reprint all images furnished in unlimited media (print, web, video, e-mail) to market the property in any manner for one year or until the property closes, whichever comes first. After that period, images must be relicensed or a new shoot ordered. And after a year, you will likely need a reshoot anyway. To be very clear, only the original client is licensed to use the images, and that license is non-transferable. If the client is a home owner and later decides to hire an agent, that agent would need to re-license the images for them to use them. Agents may not transfer the license of images to another listing agent without relicense fees. The Agent/Client is not required to link to or acknowledged Lekker Photography in any reprints as long as the property is currently active on the MLS, and no watermarking of images will be done by Lekker Photography. If, after a property sells, you would like to continue using an image(s) on your website or promotional materials, well, first off, thank you! Please let us know BEFORE you use it, and we agree under the assumption you provide us with photo credit. A small token fee may be charged for an unlinked or uncredited image. If you use any image without permission, that is copyright infringement and you will be charged a substantial fee.
  • What is our reschedule/cancellation policy?
    We understand in this fast-paced world, things happen. We would hope that you would give us notice as soon as you were made aware of a problem. If a cancellation is made less then 24 hours from our appointment time, you may be subject to a cancellation/reschedule fee. Please note that we expect the property to be photo-ready for the time you set your appointment for. If we must wait longer than 1/2 hour (30 minutes) after that set time at a site for it to be prepared (or to be let into the property), we add a 50% fee; if we must wait an hour or longer, or if the shoot is entirely cancelled, a 100% fee will be assessed. We reserve the exclusive right to end the shoot after one hour or more of waiting, at our sole digression. Late or cancel fees must be paid in full before new date will be scheduled. We cannot control the weather. If the weather is inclement, we will continue with all indoor shooting, and reschedule exteriors for the next clear day. There is no penalty for weather delays.
  • You took photos of my listing 2 months ago, can you resend me those photos?
    Possibly. We typically only hold images online for up to 30 days. After that, image storage is your responsibility.
  • Can I use these images for an Airbnb listing?
    The simple answer is, no. Our basic photo packages are only licensed for MLS posting. Our commerical photo packages are calculated for listings such as Airbnb or VRBO. It is best to purchase a commerical listing package from the get go to make sure you get the style and quality these images deserve, and to avoid any misunderstandings.
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